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My Morning Routine

I started my new job three weeks ago and really really love it! What is best about it is that I have so much more time because I don’t have to drive for an hour each time to get to and from work. My new way to work is a calm and relaxing 30 minute drive along small country roads and that gives me an additional 1 hour each day that I did not have before.

I decided to use this additional hour in the mornings. Rather than getting up, getting ready and leaving to work straight ahead, I take my time to get ready for the day. As my boyfriend is getting up as early as before, there is no way I could possibly sleep longer. Getting up at the same time as him makes it easier for us to have the same rhythms.

Getting up at the same time also means, going to bed at the same time at night as well. But what am I doing with all this additional time? Here is a quick overview about my morning routine:

Morning Routine: Freshen Up

Taking a long shower. There is nothing better to freshen up for the day!

Morning Routine: Getting Dressed

Morning Routine:  Selecting Jewelry

Brainstorming about what I am going to wear for the day.

One of my goals for my new job was to look smarter and a bit more fashionable as I will also have contacts to external clients and want to represent my company the best way possible.

Morning Routine: Reading & Studying

 Reading some of my most favorite blogs.

You can find a list of all the blogs I love to read on the right side. Also, check out my blogroll on bloglovin. It is great to start into a new day with some decoration/fashion/travel inspiration as it often gives me ideas for my job as well.

Studying some Spanish vocabulary.

I figured that doing that in the morning wakens up my brain and makes it fit and fresh for the work day to come. I had a little break in my Spanish studies but am picking it up again lately since I started my new job. I already received my next study package including two books. That’s why I need to get into it again and one thing that is really important is the constant repetition of vocabulary. I am using a software called Phase 6 to do so and my current treasury of words consists of around 3.000 words.

What do you like to do in the mornings? What are your morning routines?

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2 Kommentare

  1. I also love waking up early these days. The first thing I do is baking some bread for breakfast. It’s so simple and nice way to start your day, since the whole house smells like freshly baked bread (it’s the bread that you buy frozen and that has to be baked for 10-15 minutes). After breakfast, I try to go to the gym or for a run as often as possible. :)


    • I love the bread idea!!! There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread!!!!
      I also use a bread making machine once in a while. It takes a while to bake but you can add soooo many ingredients! Once I made a bread withpizza filling! Sooo yummy!!!


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