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My week on Instagram

Happy Monday everybody!!! How was your weekend??? Mine was a nice stay at home weekend including lovely lunch from my boyfriend’s mum! We also went on with our redesigning project and made a trip to IKEA Friday afternoon to buy heaps and heaps of new things for the flat!!! Yesterday, we also booked our October holiday to the US! We can’t wait for the holiday!!! It’s going to be great! I hope that the travel guide will arrive quickly so that we can start planning the trip!

As I mentioned before, I am totally addicted to Instagram! Today, I would like to share pictures from last week with you! If you are interested in more, you can follow me on Instagram.

Ice Tea Ice Tea

Last weekend, I made ice tea for us as a refreshment while we were painting our walls! I just put fresh lemon into black tea and cooled it with ice cubes! It tasted amazing but next time I will add some honey as it was a bit too sour.

Comfort Food

After our painting project we were so exhausted that we needed some comfort food. Ice cream and chips did the job!


Sunday night, we went out for dinner with some friends. We went to this amazing place where they serve amazingly big “Schnitzel”. This one was probably 6 times as big as my hand!!!! After that I could not see or hear the word Schnitzel for the rest of the week…

Jane Austen - Emma

New book purchase at the beginning of the week! I am trying to integrate more classic novels into my reading list and Emma by Jane Austen seemed to be just perfect for that!

Desk Chair

Another purchase I am really proud of is part of our big redesign project! I just love this tulip chair! I ordered it from the UK as it wasn’t available in Germany (at least not for less than 1,000€).

Build Your Cupcake Day

Friday was cupcake day in our office!!!! Such a great idea to bring muffins and all the toppings so that we were able to create our own cupcakes according to taste…

IKEA pictures

Friday after work, we went to our IKEA shopping trip and bought these great pictures for our hall! Don’t they look perfect there???

Rubber Duck

This is my most favourite rubber duck of our rubber duck family… I took this picture because a friend was interested in our collection… it is a bit childish, I know but they are just soooo cute…

Fossil Watch

I have the impression, I am turning into a shopaholic… last week I also bought this great new Fossil watch! After not using a watch for around 3 years it is great to finally have one again…

New rug and couch table

We also bought a new rug and couch table for our living room as we did not like the old ones anymore. How do you like the new design???

How was your last week??? Did you have a good time??? I am looking forward to this new week which involves even more holiday planning, reading, redesigning and, of course, instagraming!!!! :-)

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