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Nail Polish and Ice Age

Hello folks! How is it going? I had a really strange dream last night: In my dream one of my friends had a house that was decorated completely in Ice Age style with a giant Sid on the roof! What does that say about me??? Am I going mental??? Any dream readers among you? :-)

Off too a more female rather than childish topic: Are you using nail polish? I started using it while I was living in the UK. With that I mean coloured nail polish. I was using transparent nail polish before but never thought that colourful nails look good on me. But last year I finally tried it and after a few days I got used to it.

Even though, I am way too lazy most of the times to colour may nails, I still do it once in a while! Due to my job I am working with nail polishes a lot creating funny nail polish pictures Facebook and sending them out to fans. Once in a while I receive some freebies (not just nail polish but also other cosmetics) which is great and makes me feel like living in make-up heaven:

Make-up Heaven

One particular brand that stuck out to me lately is essie. I never heard of this nail polish brand before I started my current job. Since I was promoting it, I received loads of information about it and became curious. So I tried it and I have to say, it is not much different in terms of how long it lasts on my nails compared to other brands (is it just me or do you get scratches as well after just a day when you have coloured nails???) but applying the essie nail polish is so much easier than with other brands because the brush is just PERFECT! It makes it so easy to spread the polish onto my nails evenly.

essie nailpolish

Another thing I really like about the essie nail polishes is that they come in a million different shades (at least it feels like that). There is a colour matching every single piece of clothing I own which I think is incredible! Just today, I received another one of my favourite brand as a freebie:

essie nailpolish

Also, they have a top coat that dries extremely quickly!!!

The only downside of this brand is that it is more expensive than other brands that have the same kind of quality regarding the durability of the polish on your nails but the incredible brush totally makes up for that and is definitely an advantage compared to other brands! Not sure if the price can be completely justified because of that but the variety of colours should also be counted in!

What is your favourite nail polish colour and which brand are you using?

Wish you all a great night! I am going out for a barbecue party at a friend’s house to enjoy the awesome weather!!!

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