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New Beginnings

Yesterday has been a crazy day! I have worked a lot because it was my last day before 2 weeks of holiday. I was so stressed out by the end of the day! But then I met a friend in Starbucks to catch up. It was great and I told him all about my plans to leave London. While we were talking I came up with a concrete plan and after developing that I felt really really good. I just hope that everything works out as planned.

So here is what my plan is: I am going to work hard the next few month until the end of September. I am going to work for my two trade shows and my job here in London and, since I do not have any holiday planned, I am going to save every penny and euro I earn. Then, I am going to quit my job for the end of September and move back to Germany with all my stuff. I will have approximately 2 1/2 weeks for doing so and then my big adventure will start. I am planning to go to Australia for 3 months. (This also solves the “I don’t want to be home for Christmas disaster” and I am going to miss a big part of the cold season because it will be summer in Australia). I am going to get a work and travel visa which you can only get when you are under 30 so the clock is ticking…  During the time in Australia, I will still continue doing my social media job and I will be able to work during my travels because of my visa.

When I come back by the end of January, I’ll have 1 1/2 months during which I will be doing my social media job for the trade shows and attend the trade show in March. For this time, I will have to stay with my parents because my income will not be massive. This is not ideal but the only way. I will also use this time to apply for new jobs if I have not found a job before I leave to Australia. Since I will be working from home, I will have the time to go to job interviews and do research. The worst case scenario is that I have to stay with my parents and work from home until I find something but I guess that I will be able to survive.

This might sound really crazy to you but it has always been my dream to travel Australia and I know that if I don’t do it now, I will never do it because I won’t get a work and travel visa anymore and I would not leave a job I like to go to Australia for a certain amount of time. Australia is just too far away and too big to travel to for only a couple of weeks. Now I am young and single, so why shouldn’t I do it? I never know what will happen…

I am really excited about this new plan and love the idea of planning it which I will start right when I come back from Spain. Ok, I can not be sure if all parts will be as easy as I think but I am definitely going to do my very best to fulfill the plan!

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