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New Home – Let the Renovations Begin

Today was THE day!!! We finally received the keys to our new home!!! It felt so good to walk through our (almost) own walls!!! The house is still owned by Christian’s parents but as it is family, it feels so much more our own than our rental flat…

New Home Part 1

We have been inside the house before but there was a family living in there which was the reason why we could not take any pictures. Now that it is empty, I was walking around with the camera to capture the beginning of the whole renovation progress:

Dining Room

New Home - Dining Room

There is a garden fence in our dining room right now and wooden panels at the ceiling which we do not like at all. Our plan is to get rid of all the wood and change the floor panels to a lighter color. We are also going to paint the radiators white. Right now, we imagine a huge dining table with a lot of chairs around it in the center of the room which will host a lot of people for our beloved dinner parties!

Old Fire Places

New Home - Old Fire Places

I love the old fire places that are located in the living as well as the dining room. The main fire place is in the hallway and from there the heat can be distributed to four rooms. The two downstairs rooms as well as the main bedroom and my office / library. I really really like the old fashioned style!!!

The Kitchen

New Home - Kitchen

One of the most ugly rooms right now is the kitchen as it is a total mess. There is a lot to do in here but I can’t wait for it to be ready including the new kitchen we already ordered. I look forward a lot to cook delicious food in there and bake the yummiest pastries and cakes of all times!!!

Hallways and Stairwell

New Home - Hallways and Stairways

Right: Downstairs hallway with the main fire place / Middle: Main stairwell / Left: Upstairs hallway

There are some really ugly floors in there and loads to work on. Right now, the plan is to put tiles (we bought them already last year) in the downstairs hallway and bright wooden floors in the upstairs one. What we are going to do with the stairwell is not set in stone yet but we first want to check what is below the linoleum floor that is covering the stairs at the moment…

The Bedrooms

New Home - Main Bedroom

There are two bedrooms in the first floor (three if we count my new office / library space as well…). This first picture shows the main bedroom. Unfortunately, I only took this not too sharp picture… The room is very bright during the day which I like. We will get bright wooden floors and white furniture and some colorful decoration elements!

New Home - Second Bedroom

This picture shows the second upstairs bedroom which will be the guest room for now and at some point will change into the nursery.

Office / Library

New Home - Office and Library

This is going to be my office / library which I already made plans for the other day. I love the little old fire place in the corner which is also connected to the main fire place downstairs. The walls up here are going to be white and the floor will be covered with dark wooden panels.

Retro Bathroom

New Home - Retro Bathrooms

I did not take any pictures of the downstairs bathroom but the upstairs one is so much more interesting and is probably going to be the most challenging part of the whole house! It is the oldest part as the tiles and fittings are from 1956… We do not have enough money for a full make over of the bathrooms right now but will do that as soon as we’ve saved up a little. For now, we are going to make the best out of the situation – any ideas from your side are welcome!!!

For the future, we might break through the wall between the bathroom and the toilet room which are now separated. This way, we will get a much bigger room and can work with that.

Retro Materials

New Home - Retro Materials

The whole house is full of old materials that are kind of retro. Some of them are extremely ugly but some are so old that they are cool again… We are trying to keep little bits of the old design and combine it with modern ones. Lets see how this is going to work out!

Beautiful Outside

New Home - Garden

I love love love our new garden!!! There is enough room for a BBQ with friends, sunbathing and planting some flowers and spices. We already found fresh mint, lavender and thyme in the garden which we are definitely going to keep! How awesome is it to have fresh mint in the garden to put in your Mojito at night? I am also going to plant other spices such as parsley, basil or chive.

Another plan of ours is to plant a tree as a symbol for our love and for good luck in our new home!

What do you think so far about our new home?

We are extremely excited. Tomorrow, we are going to start with the renovation process. We are going to start with the upstairs bedrooms and my office and try to tear down all the wall paper. I will give you a proper update as soon as we can see some changes in the house so stay tuned…

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2 Kommentare

  1. OMG! Moving in a new house and renovations are so exciting! I really like all the old fire places, especially the tiny one in your office! I can’t wait to see your kitchen and the dining room without the wood fence, I’m sure it’s going to look very good! Have fun and enjoy the reno process!


    • Yeah, the old fire places are my favorite part as well!!! Especially when it gets cold in winter, there is nothing better than the warmth of a fire! :-) I am solo exhausted from the first day of work and only want to sit on the couch watching TV tonight… But I am also feeling extremely great for having accomplished so much today!


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