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New Home Update – Week Two

Unfortunately, I missed my New Home Update for week two last Saturday. Shame on me but as I mentioned earlier this week, I was REALLY busy!!! I promise to be better in the future!

Well, coming back to our New Home Project. What has been going on these past couple of weeks? We have been really active doing loads of stuff ourselves which caused some serious picture taking of ourselves demonstrating how hard we work to create a lovely home for our future family:

New home hard at work 3

Christian has been tearing down the tiles from the kitchen wall as we do not want to have tiles there in the future.

New home hard at work 4

While he was busy doing that, I teared down all the wall paper. This picture was the day before our engagement not knowing what I would be reading on the wall behind me the exact next day.

New home hard at work 5

After tearing down the parts on the walls, it was time to get rid of the floors. This room was an easy one but there were others with three layers of floor which caused a massive delay in our progress…

New home hard at work 2

While Christian was taking care of the floors, I was in charge for the door frames. I had to put base on it in order to polish it afterwards. The safety glasses were very much needed as I did not want to get any of the base into my eyes… and don’t they look sexy???

New home hard at work 5

To polish the door frames, I was allowed to use the “big” machines… In the beginning, I was happy about my new task but after doing this for a few days – ONLY that – I was pretty annoyed! Polishing stuff is certainly no fun!!!

New home hard at work 5

This is my absolut favorite picture of Christian of the whole renovation process. Christian is cutting out space in the wall for his dad to put in the new electricity lines. After doing this for a while, he looked like a ghost…

You see, we have been really busy and renovating a house can be great fun! We know that we are doing it for us and for our new home! I still can’t imagine us living in there as it still really looks chaotic but I am also looking forward to it and can see some progress along the way. Next week, I will be showing you some more pictures of the house!

For instant moments on the progress, please follow my Instagram account.

Have a lovely weekend!

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2 Kommentare

    • Thanks Marie-Pier! Yes, it feels satisfying and I would do it again! It is very hard though and it will get tougher next month as Christian’s holidays are over and he’ll be in the office during the day… But we try to keep up our motivation…


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