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New Year Clean Out

We are oficially back home and I already had my first day of work on Friday. Well, ok, it was only half a day and I didn’t do that much… Keepin it slow and easy!

Yesterday and Friday night, we did our major New Year Clean Out and it was so much needed! At least once a year it feels extremely good to do it! Even though, it is a lot of work and I felt exhausted and annoyed while we were cleaning but when I looked at the result in the end, I was so proud of me and the boyfriend!!!

Friday night, we cleaned all the kitchen cupboards and threw away so much stuff that was way too old… Making breakfast in our clean kitchen felt really good yesterday morning…

Yesterday was the biggest part of our clean out as we mastered the attic. This is how it looked like before:


And this is the result of 4 hours of cleaning and throwing stuff away as well as putting oter stuff in boxes:


I am really really proud of ourselves as we did a great job (once in a while we have to be a bit proud of ourselves, don’t you think?)

For the rest of the year, I am planning on not hoarding that much stuff considering that we are going to move to the new house at some point this year.

Did you do a new year clean out? How did you feel afterwards?

Wish you all an awesome Sunday!!!

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