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A Night out in Bregenz – Another Fashion Shoot

Back in winter, I did my first ever fashion shoot. I haven’t done any since as I was not feeling comfortable in my clothes (remember, I put on so much weight that nothing fits anymore…).

Now that it is summer, I can get out my lovely summer dresses in which I feel so much more comfortable! Thus, here comes my second ever fashion shoot from last weekend’s trip to Bregenz. We were on our way to dinner and I really like dressing up for these sort of occasions:

Dress to impress - A night out in Bregenz

Dress: Zara | Sandals: Tamaris | Bag: Longchamp

I know, I should be taking more than one picture but it was hard already to get this one as we were running out of time to get to dinner…

I am still totally new to these sort of pictures as I have never done it before. I noticed afterwards, that I was holding the bag the wrong way pointing the back of it towards the camera… uuupps… I hope I will get better over time as I really enjoy these sort of fashion posts…

What is your most favorite summer style to go out in the evening?

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