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North – South Difference

In many countries we can notice a wealth difference of north and south. In countries like Spain and Italy, the north is much better of than the south. In Germany, this difference is the other way around. Here, the south is much wealthier than the north.

I just noticed this myself. I am from the northern region of the country (not totally north but definitely not north). I was applying for jobs in the last months and noticed a massive difference in what you get from employers in the south and what you get in the north. In the north, you can be happy if you get a decent gross salary. You would not ask for anything else.

But now I am about to sign a contract with a company in the south and can’t believe what kind of great things they offer you just because you are working for them!!! On top of your usual salary, you get so called “holiday money” each year in May which is more than 50% of your usual salary. Also, in December you get 63% of your gross salary extra as “Christmas money”. That is absolutely crazy! In addition, they offer a company retirement insurance and you are able to save money from your gross income which they subsidize by 10%…

Also, compared to my 20 days of holidays in the UK, I would probably receive 25 days in the northern part of Germany which is the legal minimum but down here I get 30! This is such a great thing! That is a whole week more and two weeks more than in the UK!!! 6 weeks of holidays each year! How awesome is that???

I am really happy right now that I found a position in Social Media Marketing for a great company and that I will live in a beautiful city! The quality of life is so much higher here than it is where I am from. My hometown is not too bad but the Ruhr area is extremely ugly! The problem is that there are absolutely no jobs in my hometown that I could get and on top of that I really don’t want to live that close to my parents. A 520km difference between us should be fine! :-)

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

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