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Notting Hill – A New Perspective

Notting Hill is a great area in London and of course, all of us love the movie with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts! The travel bookstore, the blue door, the Portobello Road Market…. All of it is there in this lovely neighbourhood that has nothing to do with the fast life going on in other parts of London. It is a little village within the big city!

Since I came to the UK, I have been wandering around in Notting Hill many times and every time I enjoyed being in that area! All the time I thought, what would I give to be able to afford living there? It is for sure my most favourite part of London! The little shops, cafés and the lovely looking one family houses in different colours… I think I have already taken pictures of every centimeter…

For 4 weeks now, Notting Hill is even more to me than just an area in London! It is the symbol for luck and for love and for happiness! I had some really special moments out there that had all to do with books, book stores, traveling and dreams! I cannot stop listening to the Notting Hill soundtrack and I could watch the movie over and over again! It has already been one of my most favourite movies before but just because I loved the story, the actors and the setting of the movie. The movie did not have any deeper meaning to me. But sometimes, movies and songs can get a different meaning to you once they have been attached to real life moments, feelings and memories! This particular movie and the songs have so much more meaning to me now!

In the end, I am also just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her

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