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On Healthy Eating

Part of my Health and Fitness Project this year is eating healthier. We started doing Weight Watchers again and what I love most about it are the delicious recipes. We already have 4 cookbooks but I also love browsing through their online library to find new recipes.

Most of the times, we do not prepare them 100% according to recipe. Sometimes we do not have all ingredients at home and need to find alternatives or we just don’t like one or more of the ingredients and change them to something we prefer. Also, adding stuff is a great option to individualize their recipes. Here are some of my most favorite recipes of last week’s meal plan:

Spätzle Kasserolle with ham and spring onions

Spätzle (German speciality very similar to pasta) casserolle with ham and spring onion 

Egg and Ham Omelett

Egg and Ham Omelett

Chicken with pear and blue cheese pasta

Chicken with pear and blue cheese pasta

Meals do not always have to contain high amounts of fats or carbs! Most of the recipes only contain a little bit (just so much that you do not miss them…) and are filled up with healthier choices of fruits and vegetables which we are allowed to indulge in as much as we want as they do not have any points! There are so many other great recipes out there that I still have to try and I can’t wait to get creative again and change my long term favorites into healthy, weight watcher friendly meals.

Self-made Burgers and Fries

Yesterday, for example, we had burgers and self made fries. Did you know that you can just cut potatoes and not fry them in oil but back them in vegetable stock instead? They taste awesome and only contain healthy ingredients. Also, when frying the burgers you don’t have to add any extra oil to the pan as minced meet already contains so much fat in itself that you just don’t need it. Why adding some extra calories for nothing? You can rather spend those points on a yummy glass of wine or a piece of chocolate for dessert…

Do you have any tasty and healthy recipes you love? Please share! I am always looking for new inspiration!

If you want to, send your recipe to me via Email to I am going to cook it, take pictures and share it here on the blog!

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