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Organisation Freak

This weekend I talked to a friend about organisation. Organisation at work, during travels and just organising our private lives. Being a stereotype German, I have always been pretty organised in all situations of life. I am well known in my office for my German efficiency and my good organisation skills. That is one of the reasons why I studied event management. It is all about planning and organising. But can we over-organise and over-plan things? When is it organisation and when do we become organisation freaks?

I always try to improve my organisation to make processes at work easier and quicker and thus, more efficient. The same happens in my private life. Everything needs to have a place and needs to be organised. I cannot stand having loads of files on my desktop for instance because that would mean that I still have to work on them. Everything that is finished is organised in folders properly labeled with dates, proper names and sometimes colour coding. This way it is extremely easy for me to find things that are saved somewhere. But still, I am not happy because I still feel disorganised and chaotic. Am I becoming a freak? Am I becoming crazy and a perfectionist who is never happy with the result of her work. In a way and in certain situations in life, I probably already am one of those perfectionists.

I also always look out for new filing systems, new note pads, new calendars and in general new ways of organising my things – but so far I have never found the perfect system. Is this because the perfect filing system just does not exist or is it because I am just changing my mind constantly about what is working and what is not. I love paperback calendars because some of them are really pretty. The problem with them is that they can become disorganised. Once you want to cross something out, you cannot just delete it. You literally have to cross out your writing. This does not happen with a computer calendar which always looks a bit more organised. Also, I am usually one of these people who write something down in a calendar and then forget to look it up in the end. With a computer calendar, this is not necessary because you can set an alert which reminds you of all the things you marked in your calendar.

It is like a constant search for improvement. Nothing is ever good enough, nothing is perfect and that is why I can never stop searching! How long will this go on? Is there something wrong with me or is this just one crazy side of me that I just have to accept?

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