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New Home: Our new Kitchen

Remember a couple of months back when I told you about us moving into a new house next year? The last months have been all about planning and deciding on many different things.

One of these things was the new kitchen we wanted to buy. Really quickly, we bought kitchen tiles for the floor but then it took forever to decide on how our actual kitchen furniture and equipment would look like.

So many things to think about starting with the colors, the design and the equipment we need. After weeks of planning and meeting with different kitchen planners, we finally ordered our kitchen a week ago!!! This is how it will look like:

Our new kitchen

It is a pretty bad picture but the only one we have so far. The kitchen planner set up the kitchen on his computer and this basically is only a screenshot of the computer screen but I really really wanted to show it to you as I am so extremely happy about the result of all this planning!!!

There are a few highlights I’d also like to point out:

Big Ceramic Glass Cooktop

My boyfriend and me both love cooking together. Most evenings we cook three full meals (breakfast and lunch for the next day and the dinner of the actual day). Therefore, we need a lot of space on the cooktop.

Slide & Hide Oven Door

This is the absolute best part of the new kitchen!!! What a great invention: You can open the door of the oven and then slide it underneath the oven so that it is hidden and you cannot burn yourself!!! How A.M.A.Z.I.N.G is that???

Huge Supply Cabinet

As we are cooking so much, we also need a lot of storage space for all the great ingredients!!!

Room for my cooking books

I love books and cooking books are a great part of my collection. In our current kitchen there is absolutely no room left to store them. Therefore, they are all stored in the living room which makes me go back and forth all the time! With these great shelves, I found the perfect space to have all my cooking books around me when cooking – how practical!!

Dish washer

Last but not least, after years and years without a dish washer I am just really really glad that we will soon have one again!!! Even though, my boyfriend cleans the dishes most of the times, I am still happy that we can then just shove everything in the machine and let it work for a while! More quality time for us and no sitting around of dirty dishes anymore using up all the workspace!!!

Have you ever planned your own kitchen? What is most important to you in a kitchen? Please share!

4 Kommentare

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