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Practicing my Focus Skills: Autofocus vs Manual Focus – Project 52 #5

Back from London and straight back into work again improving my photography skills a bit more. This week, I am working on the focus of my camera and am trying to find out if the autofocus can also be replaced by the manual focus. Sometimes, you don’t like the area that your camera is focusing on automatically and would like to change that to a different part of the picture.

This can be easily done with all DSRL cameras. Just check the manual of your camera if you would like to find out how that is done. Once you’ve found out, try playing around with this setting, selecting different areas of your picture to see the difference. I used cooking books to do that and here are the results:

1) On the first picture, I tried to keep the focus fairly wide and do not put any particular title in the focus of the picture:

Project 52 - Focus (Autofocus vs. Manual Focus)

2) For my second picture, I tried to put the middle of the picture into the focus:

Project 52 - Focus (Autofocus vs. Manual Focus)

3) Going on from there, I selected specific parts such as the oriental cooking book:Project 52 - Focus (Autofocus vs. Manual Focus)

4) In the next one, I focused on the thai cooking book:

Project 52 - Focus (Autofocus vs. Manual Focus)

5) In the end, I selected the Wok cooking book:

Project 52 - Focus (Autofocus vs. Manual Focus)

Can you tell the difference among the various pictures? They are far from perfect but I’d like to experiment with this feature of the camera a bit more. Maybe, I’ll do some more extra shots when I do my next tree shoot next weekend.

Are you using automatic focus or are you selecting the area your camera should focus on yourself?

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