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Project 52 #1

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to learn how to shoot in manual mode with my camera. So far, I have only been shooting in P-Mode  which is more or less like shooting in Automatic Mode. I now have all this great camera equipment so it is time to actually use it professionally and which professional shoots in Automatic Mode?

In order to complete this goal by the end of 2014, I developed some strategies in order to improve my pictures:

1. Read more books about how to improve photography:

Christmas 2013 - Taking better pictures

2. Do a photography class at a local school.

3. Read more photography blogs.

4. Start a Project 52. What is a Project 52 you probably ask yourself now. I am reading the Click it up a Notch Photography blog for quite a while now and one of their strategies to improve your photography skills is starting a Project 365 or Project 52. One picture a day sounded a bit too time consuming to me. That is why I decided to enter the Project 52  which means that I am going to do one post each week with a picture that I shot in manual mode incorporating the tips and tricks of the Click it up a Notch Photography blog.

My first picture, however is going to be one that I shot in automatic mode. It was taken this week during our New Year’s walk and I am always going to look back onto it and compare my improvement:

A New Year's Walk

It would be great if you could leave your comments below with tips on how I can improve my photography. I am glad about every comment and don’t be afraid to criticize. Thanks a lot in advance!

I wish you all a happy photography year 2014!

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