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Project 52 #2 – Camera Modes

As part of my #Project52, I downloaded an ebook that gives me 52 tasks for the year in order to learn the different settings and modes of my SLR Camera.

The first exercise of the year was shooting one thing in many different modes and settings to see the differences between them:

1. AUTO Mode:

1 AUTO Modus2. P-Mode:

2 P Modus

3. Av-Mode (f/4):

3 AV Modus f:4

4. Av-Mode (f/8):

4 AV Modus f:8

5. Tv-Mode (1/30s):

5 TV Modus 1:30

6. Tv-Mode (1/500s):

6 TV Modus 1:500

I really like the outcome of the Av Mode with f/4 as the background comes out a bit more blurry and presents the object in the nicest way, don’t you think? My least favorite is the outcome of the shot in AUTO Mode as the camera automatically used flash for it. It does not even look like the object is sitting on the table anymore. Due to the flash, it appears more floating in the air above the table.

The pictures in Tv-Mode are a bit too dark, I think. It is great to see the different results but I still don’t know which mode to use in which situation but I am sure I am going to learn that in the weeks to come…

What do you think about the results? 

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