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Project 52 #3 – Aperture

Part 3 of my Project52 and I am extremely surprised about what I’ve learned today! The topic of today’s exercise was the aperture. I first read about what that means and how it effects my photos. Depending on how high or low you set the aperture, the more blurry or less blurry the background of your picture will come out.

The best way to see this effect is to try it out. My task for today is setting the camera into different aperture modes and see the different outcomes. Here you go:

1. Aperture f/4:

Av-Modus f:4

2. Aperture f/5.6:

Av-Modus f:5.6

3. Aperture f/8:

Av-Modus f:8

4. Aperture f/11:

Av-Modus f:11

Isn’t it amazing to see the difference? In the last picture you can almost read the text on the can whereas in the first picture, the text is completely blurred out. I am definitely going to use this setting more often! I will practice during the week a bit more with this setting as it is great for taking close up pictures and to highlight certain things in the picture!

Shooting in Av-Mode does not seem so difficult anymore. It is just a matter of trying different options and finding the best one for your picture! I love it!!!

Here you can find all posts of my Project 52 Series.

Have you ever tried shooting in Av-Mode? Did you manage to find the right settings for what you wanted to do?

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