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Project Redesign: My New Workspace

Hello my fellow redesigners! How is your weekend treating you so far? I am still a bit tired and hung over from last night as it was the last day of our local village pub being open. It is so sad to see that it is closing down since it was a great (and close) location to meet friends, watch football or just have a nice typical German dinner.

But as the weather today is absolutely horrible and not worth to even consider going out, I decided to work on my long overdue redesign post about my workspace. It took me a while to get all the components but now it is done and I am really happy about the result. But see for yourself:

1 New creative Space

I love minimalistic designs and not having too many things cluttering my desk. That’s why I only have my computer and my notebook on the desk! The little box on the right is for storing all of my writing materials as well as scissors, tape etc… Also, I could not live without my notebook. Call me old fashioned but I prefer taking notes, writing my to do lists, writing my blog plan or our US trip plan in my notebook! I use a pencil for stuff I am not sure of so that I may erase it later on.

2 Minimalistic Design

Even though I like my desk cleared from most of my stuff, I still like to have something nice and stylish around so that it does not look sterile. I found this flower vase and flower on my last trip to IKEA and fell in love with it straight away!

5 Tea and blogs

In case you were wondering what the artwork next to my desk was, here you go! Those are great prints from Kellie who is the author of Le Zoe Musings. You should totally check out her great blog which is inspiring me every day! She recently started her own little online shop Le Zoe Scribbles and I could not stop myself from ordering these two great prints as they match my tea time theme so well! I love the clear, stylish and a bit girly design of the prints! When Kellie send them over, she put so much love and care into it. I was really impressed as this is not what I am used to when ordering online! The prints even came with a little hand written card thanking me for my purchase! Also, she mentioned my order on her blog! Thanks again Kellie for creating these amazing artworks that look fab in my new workspace!

4 Me and tea

The prints arrived a week after I ordered them. It took a bit longer as they had to travel the Atlantic Ocean from Boston to our little village here in Germany! The only problem I had was that the sizes of paper are different in the US than in Europe meaning that also the frames from IKEA have different sizes over here. That’s why I had to engage in a bit DIY work to make it fit! You can hardly notice but I created new photo mounts for the frames to make the prints fit!

3 My new chair

And here it is: My brand new and super comfortable new chair! I also saw it on Kellies blog as well as in different magazines and knew from the beginning that I HAVE to have it! I started looking for online shops to buy it but the price of the original is ridiculous. Over 1,000€ for a chair? That was way over my budget!!!! But then I found this one in a british online shop that is shipping abroad as well and got it for under 100 Pounds! And it really does not look cheap! It is as stylish as the original! Here is the link to the store in case you want to get one for yourself:

How do you like my new workspace? I really enjoy working here now sitting on my new chair with a steaming cup of tea next to me while working on my pictures and writing my blog posts…

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!!!

PS: Only 3 more days until our big trip to the US! I am sooooo EXCITED!!!!

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