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Project Redesign: New Dining Area

Finally, after weeks of planning, deciding on furniture and waiting for all the pieces to arrive, the first bit of our Project Redesign is done: The dining area!

Here are a before and an after picture to show you the difference:

Project Redesign: New Dining Area Before Project Redesign: New Dining Area After

I am so so so happy with the outcome! The old table was terribly unstable and small to sit on with more than 3 people. This table now is perfect for 4 and on top we can enlarge it so that 6 people fit! Its perfect because our flat is really tiny and this way we can keep the table small except for days when we have guests over!

Project Redesign: Chairs

Also the chairs are so much nicer and more comfortable than these old chairs we had before. The new ones just add a little bit more style to the place, don’t you think?

I am still so proud of our efforts to repaint the wall in the living room to make it white! It looks so much better than the bright yellow there was before!

We are still waiting for more furniture to arrive for the bedroom but the living room and the dining area are completely done and I think it is just great!

Will post more about the bedroom redesign later on when it is finished! Can’t wait to show you! The bits and pieces that have already arrived are awesome! But more on that soon!

Hope you guys are having a great time as well! While I am busy redesigning and planning our trip to the US, I completely forgot that my Spanish course is about to begin tomorrow and I have not done ANY revision whatsoever and am not sure how I am going to survive! I guess, I will have to just improvise… Lets see how that goes…

Hasta luego!

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