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Project Redesign

I moved into my boyfriend’s apartment a few months back. It was just meant to be temporarily but then it was just too convenient and why changing something that is working so perfectly fine?

During our holidays on Kos we thought about redesigning our bedroom and dining area as the furniture we currently have is really dark and way too dark for a tiny room like our bedroom! Also, the dining area is not ideal and far from practical (three chairs are not enough if you have more than one guest which is the case in 99% of the cases…)

Thus an idea was born and when we came back the decision was made! The dark furniture will have to leave and new white, pure and fresh furniture is about to fill our flat with more atmosphere!

Do you have any decorating or design tips for us? Are you currently renovating or redesigning? Please share your experiences!

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    • We are not sure yet! The picture will stay I think! Maybe we paint the wall behind the sideboard! The new one I mean which will be opposite the new bed! :-) the room is extremely small. But all in white is probably not ideal either… I quite like the green and white colour combination…


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