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Joanna from Another House Blog as well as Marie-Pier from Four Seasons at Home invited me to do a Q&A and answer a few fun questions about myself to get to know more of me. So here you go:

1. Which is your dream trip?
A road trip along the Panamericana from South to North!!! Must be incredible, don’t you think?

2. Bare foot in sand or walking in the snow?
Bare foot in the sand of course! I do not like snow at all and rather hide inside. I am a total beach and ocean person and I love warm temperatures!

3. Heels or sneakers for your daily outfit?
I love heals but they can get really uncomfortable after a while. I am not a sneakers person either. I rather have nice and flat leather shoes.

4. If you could change your job what would you like to do?
Funny question to answer on my last day of work at my old job! I am about to start my own business working as a freelance marketing and communication consultant.

5. What made you start blogging?
Not having a job after my studies in 2010 made me start blogging and I loved it instantly!!! I also write a travel blog for the world’s leading travel trade show and once in a while I still write posts for my book review blog but due to a lack of time, that one is lacking attention a lot…

6. At the end of a hard day what relaxes you?
A hot cup of tea, a glass of red wine, chocolate, reading blogs and watching TV-Shows or a mixture of all that!

7. Which is your favorite movie & why?
That is a really tough one… There are a LOT of great movies out there! I generally love comedy and romantic movies. Classics like Sleepless in Seatle, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Notting Hill, Father of the Bride… etc…

8. At your home the decoration is based on your taste or and on your mate?
We both influence how we decorate but we have a very similar taste which makes it very easy for us. We prefer clear and straight furniture as well as a lot of white. I am a bit more romantic so I like to have a candle or some other cute decoration here and there…

9. What makes you feel sexiest?
Wearing a dress with high heels (not too high as it would look ridiculous as I would not be able to walk on them…)

10. Which was the best time of your blog?
I am still waiting for the big breakthrough but I enjoy writing it a lot and seeing people like Joanna coming back to it makes me very happy! One of the best blogging moments probably was when Joanna asked me to meet even though we only knew each other through reading the other’s blog…

11. Do you collect something with fury? If yes, what?
Yes, I am collecting books as my dream is it to have my own library at home and I am getting one as soon as we are moving into our new house this year!!!

Now it’s my turn to invite people (yeah!!!). I would like to find out more about Mila from Blue.White.Striped and Heather from Year Two (and beyond) who I both know from the #1picaday challenge.

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    • Thanks so much Joanna! I love reading your blog too!! It is nice to have Blogger Friends all around the world! :-)


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