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Self-confidence is something you need for all kinds of situations! Especially for my job, self-confidence is really important! I always have to deal with new situations and new, sometimes challenging people.

I usually need some time to adapt to certain things. In the beginning I was not feeling self confident about the marketing plans I was setting up or about justifying and reasoning for my decisions. I was also afraid of talking to people from different departments. But as with all situations in life, you grow with your experience and I gained lots of self confidence.

I still have my areas where I am less self confident. One of them is calling people. It is harder to talk to someone on the phone in a foreign language than to speak face to face to them. Without seeing their gestures or facial expressions it can become challenging to understand. I always get really nervous on the phone and start loosing my words because of that. But the more phone calls I make the better it becomes. It is just a matter of trying and practicing!

Today I had another realisation. I figured out that when I am feeling really comfortable with my appearance I turn out to be much more self confident than if I am not feeling well with the way I look. Today, I was wearing a new top and blazer with really comfi trousers and I think they looked great on me! :-) I think that my bosses have recognised today that I came across much more professional and I am sure it affected my overall work performance in a positive way.

Thus, I am going to try to choose my cloths more wisely in the morning to really feel good about myself because if I don’t I am automatically less self confident. And with all the other challenges in my job, I am just practicing and trying to improve on them day by day…

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