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Sleeping Beauty & Fitness Update

I have been quiet yesterday even though I had a post planned to give you guys an update about my fitness project which I started over a month ago…

But things never work out as planned, unfortunately! I have been suffering from a stupid cold for over a week now and as it started to affect my ears yesterday, I went to the pharmacy to get some medication in order to prevent my ears from an inflammation of the middle ear. So far, so good… but then I took the pills that I bought and fell asleep after only 20 minutes. There was no way, I was able to keep my eyes open anymore. The woman at the pharmacy told me that the pills could make me A BIT tired but she did not mention that they would put me in an almost comatose state! I slept all afternoon, got up for dinner for 2 hours and then went straight to bed and slept all night – in total around 13-14 hours… Thus, I did not manage to do anything yesterday and hence, the missing post about my fitness project.

And that is what I am going to make up for today:

I started my fitness project in the middle of January in order to get rid of all the annoying kilos that I gained over Christmas. My plan consisted of a mixture of cheerleading training for our local carnival show, some swimming and healthy food. In terms of the activities parts, I did a great job:


  • 16 x Cheerleading practice
  • 1 Cheerleading show
  • 2 x Swimming

As Cheerleading practice is now over, my boyfriend’s sister and me decided to focus on a sort of sport that involves dancing as well. Therefore, we would like to attend a Zumba class going forward. Also, swimming is still fun and I am totally going to continue with that. I am hoping for once a week as that sounds pretty manageable.

Another thing, I’d like to start again is going cycling. As soon as the weather gets warmer, I’ll be out there exploring our region on my mountain bike!

In terms of healthy eating, I cannot really get myself to it… I just love food and cooking and baking! I am trying to focus on healthy ingredients, do not overuse oil and fats and try not to eat that many sweets (that is the hardest one…). But I guess, I will never be able to eat completely healthy. I am giving my very best but once in a while we have to indulge in something yummy that makes us happy, don’t we?

In the end, I did not loose a lot of weight (1-2 kilos I’d say) but at least I did not gain any additional weight so I am totally on the right way…

I will give you another update in a month or so about my progress. Do you have any tips and tricks on what I could do to improve my fitness and health? Please share!

5 Kommentare

  1. I love Zumba! I’ve been taking Zumba classes for nearly two years now. It is so much fun, I’m sure you’ll love it too. And don’t worry about the food, we’re all the same. How can you not cook and bake having a KitchenAid in your face? Impossible!


    • You are soooo right! I simply do not have a choice! :-) I do not only cook to have yummy food but also because the process of cooking or baking is extremely relaxing to me!!! Perfect after a stressful day!


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