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A Snowy Tree, Ice and a Stupid Me – Tree Project #4

Happy Sunday everybody! How are you guys doing and how is your weekend treating you? I am still off in London but prepared this post for you so that you have something to read.

On Friday, we finally had the first snow this year which is crazy as we usually have tons of snow at this time of the year. Normally, I am quite happy about not having the snow but this time I was actually happy as I could finally take a picture of My Tree covered and surrounded by snow. Thus, I went out with my camera, walked to the tree and got out my camera only to realize that I forgot my memory card… this seems to happen to me ALL the time!!! I take pictures, plug the memory card into the computer and then it stays there… Therefore, stupid me had to walk all the way back to our house, pick up the card and go there again! But it was totally worth it:

Snowy Tree Project
I know it is not a lot of snow and maybe there will be more in a few more weeks so that I can take a proper snow picture. But at least, it gives the whole scene another atmosphere compared to the frosty pictures I took last week and the sunny pictures from the week before that.

A friend of mine also recommended using my macro lens for great landscape shots. I actually never thought of using this lens for shots like that but he was right! You can get amazing pictures with it:

Snowy Tree Project
The advantage of the macro lens is that I can take pictures with a really high aperture value. This time, I used an aperture of f/2.8. Can you see the amazing bokeh effect? For those of you, who have no idea about photography, bokeh means the blurriness in the picture. In this case, The background is really blurry so that the foreground sticks out much more.

Snowy Tree Project
I love the tree that I chose not only because the tree itself is really beautiful but also because of the items surrounding it. This old fence for example which does not seem to be used anymore…

Have you ever used a macro lens for landscape photography? Please share your experiences!

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    • This winter is just ridiculous… I actually wonder if we will have proper snow at all this time…


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