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Sunday Recipe: Feel Good Breakfast

Good morning from sunny Germany!!! I started my day today with a run and an energizing breakfast. Now, I feel ready and prepared for the day! Today, I am sharing the recipe with you as part of my Sunday Recipe Link-Up:

Sunday Recipe - Feel Good Breakfast


For the Smoothie (serves 2):

  • 150g (approx. 5.5 oz) strawberries
  • 1 small banana
  • 200ml (approx. 1 cup) sparkling water
  • ice cubes

For the egg and ham omelet (serves 2):

  • 4 table spoons of milk
  • 4 eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 table spoon of oil
  • 60g (approx. 2 oz) cured ham
  • some basil and chive

Directions – Smoothie

Sunday Recipe - Feel Good Breakfast

  1. Cut the strawberries and the bananas into smaller pieces.
  2. Put them into a mixer and add the sparkling water.
  3. Mix gradually and add ice cubes according to taste.

Sunday Recipe - Feel Good Breakfast

Directions – Egg and Ham Omelet

Sunday Recipe - Feel Good Breakfast

  1. Mix eggs and milk well and spice with salt and pepper
  2. Put the oil into a pan and put on medium heat
  3. pour the egg and milk mixture into the pan and let it bake for a few minutes
  4. As soon as it is brown at the bottom and not fluid on the top anymore turn it around and bake the other side as well
  5. Take the omelet out of the pan and cut in two halves
  6. Put the ham, chive and basil on two quarters of the omelet and fold the other half on top of it so that it looks like a sandwich.

Sunday Recipe - Feel Good Breakfast

Serve the omelet together with the smoothie and it will give you enough energy to start your day!

Your Turn:

Share your most favorite recipe of the week with fellow chefs and bakers in my Sunday Recipe Link-UpI look forward to all your recipes! Don’t forget to stop by other bloggers who are sharing their recipes! Have a lovely Sunday everybody!!! When you share your recipe, please use the Hashtag #TTSR

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