Taking a break

I have been absent for a few weeks already as I was very busy working for my freelance job!  I am trying to bring it to the next level in the next few months. Also, I am working on an ebook and loads of other stuff that keeps me extremely busy.

It has come to a point now, that 24 hours seem not enough to do all that I want to do. That is why I need to focus and set priorities. This blog, as much as I love it, unfortunately, doesn’t bring me closer to my goal of working independently. That is the reason for me to take a break now!

I cannot tell you how long this break is going to be but I am sure, some day, I will come back to this blog and use it again! Until then, I will still keep my Twitter account up and running and you can also check the Instagram account of my travel blog for constant updates.

Sorry, that I have to let you down! It has been a blast those last, what was it, five years? Thank you so much for all your support and love!