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Tea Time Deluxe With Teekadenz + Giveaway

Tea Time Blog - Teekadenz

I am a tea lover through and through (which is obviously the reason why this blog is named Tea Time…)! I have at least one cup of tea each day – mostly more. What coffee is for most people, tea is for me. Without my morning fix of tea, I cannot start the day. Don’t get me wrong, I like coffee, too but my stomach does not like it as much – especially not in the mornings.

That is why I have a huge collection of various teas at home to pick from every morning. It is more or less one of my first steps in my morning routine to prepare a cup of steaming hot tea.

I felt very overwhelmed when a parcel arrived for me the other day delivering a huge variety of different high quality tea flavors right to my door. The parcel was sent to me by Teekadenz – an online shop for tea lovers like me. I felt very honored for having been chosen to test their teas.

Tea Time Blog - Teekadenz

Teekadenz produces very rare sorts of teas from the best plantations in the world. They are very rare because there is only a small amount of each tea being produced.

The serving pouches are a true luxury and I really love the design. Don’t they look extremely cute and so much better than the usual ones you receive when you buy tea in the supermarket?

Tea Time Blog - Teekadenz

The parcel also included a so called Cool Steeper which is the ultimate tea thermo-glass as it comes with a lid and keeps the tea warm while you can still easily touch it from the outside without burning yourself. It is not just practical but really nice to look at! I am using my cool steeper to keep my tea warm at my desk all the time. (It also works the other way around: If you pour something cold in there, it will stay cold which is perfect for the summer when I like to have iced tea as a healthy refreshment during the day).

Tea Time Blog - Teekadenz

Tea Time Blog - Teekadenz Tea Time Blog - Teekadenz

Teekadenz offers a wide selection of various teas including 4 ultimate teas (in the hand-knot bags): darjeeling, oolong, white, Chinese black tea and 8 luxury teas (with the pyramid tea bags): assam, earl grey, green, wellness tea, camomile, mint, fruit, roibos.

It is not just the great design that is appealing but also the amazing and deep flavors. My most favorite sort of tea is certainly the green tea! Last week, I also had some weird feeling in my stomach and the camomile tea helped me fix this!

I have been buying teas from my local supermarkets for a long time but switched to better quality teas a while ago as you can really taste the difference.

PS: Teekadenz teas go perfectly with my homemade ginger-raisin cookies!

Win 1 of 3 Teekadenz Tea Tasting Sets now

Tea Time Blog - Teekadenz

I am happy to announce that Teekadenz is sponsoring 3 Teekadenz Tea Tasting Sets (= steeper & tea sample set of 10 teekadenz teas). Take part in the giveaway if you want to win one of them. The giveaway will be open until the end of this week! Good luck to all of you!

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