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The Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforest

The last two days have been really exciting!!! I have been doing two amazing tours. On Monday, we went snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. The snorkelling bit was beautiful because we were able to see fishes and other creatures living down in the sea. We were swimming with them and could almost touch them. I have seen one type of fish that was really big and had kind of rainbow colours… truly beautiful! I could not get enough of it.

We had two different places where we could go into the water and there was an instructor who was explaining to us all the different animals and corals. There were also little Nemos and Dories. It just felt like being part of Finding Nemo…

Unfortunately, all the time on the boat, I was seasick. As soon as I left the water to get on the boat again it started! I took pills on the boat that were offered by the crew but those were just ginger pills and were not really working. It was really sad because I was sitting there in my little corner for 90 minutes on the way there and 90 minutes on the way back as well as all the time at the reef and was not able to do anything. But it was still worth going there! I can totally recommend the Great Barrier Reef because it is one of the most beautiful natural things I have ever seen! You do not even have to dive! You can see loads of things just snorkelling as well.

After that trip, we had a barbeque in our hostel. It was an Australian barbeque with Australian meats such as kangaroo, emu or crocodile meat. It was a great experience and a lovely atmosphere. There are really nice people out here travelling. I am sure I will meet more in the next months.


The day before yesterday, we then did another trip to the rainforest and the Cape Tribulation from which you have a fantastic view over amazing beaches. We were extremely lucky with the weather and had a beautiful day. We stopped in the rainforest to see all the plants and massive trees as well as animals and insects living in the forest.

Kangaroo Petting

After that we also stopped at a wild zoo where we were able to pet kangaroos. They are really really cute and fluffy. They were not aggressive at all and extremely funny to watch.

All in all, the last two days have been great and I am really looking forward to my next bit of my journey. Unfortunately, today it is raining which destroyed our plans to go to the beach. Now we are sitting in the hostel not really having anything to do. At least, I made a decision about how and where to travel next. I will most likely catch a Greyhound bus from Cairns tomorrow and make my way to Mission Beach. There, I am going to stay for one night and then go on to Townsville. Next stop after that will be Airlie Beach from where I can do a sailing trip to the Whitsunday Islands. They are supposed to be extremely beautiful but I am not sure how it will be on a sailing boat for 2 days even if I take the motion sickness pills. I am a bit scared now after my experiences on Monday.

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