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The Tree Project

I am totally obsessed of projects this year! The biggest one, starting my own business, is on it’s way. I still haven’t decided on a company name yet. I know, I have said so on Twitter on Monday but I also entered a website where you can get other people to design stuff for you. I am planning on getting the logo designed there as well. The ideas people had so far about my company name are great so far and there is one name in particular I like a lot but I will tell you more about this as soon as I made the final decision which I am going to make by the end of this week – promise!!!

Coming back to other projects, I started another one regarding my photography skills. It is called the tree project! Basically, I chose one tree in our village and am going to take a picture of this particular tree each week. I am going to share the results about that with you once a week from now on! I am really excited about it!!! :-)

The first picture of this tree, I took on Monday (we have been outside for quite a while with the camera on Monday…):

Tree Project 1

How do you like the tree? I can’t wait to see it with green leaves in the summer. But maybe there will be some snowy pictures of the tree beforehand considering that the extreme cold from the USA is approaching Europe in about two weeks time…

Do you have any projects you just started or you are working on right now? Please share!

Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog! If you like my posts, please spread the word! Thanks in advance!!!

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3 Kommentare

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