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Thursday Thoughts: When Your Body Says “No”

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I have been away a few times for work these past weeks. Going away for work is never quite as relaxing as going away on holidays. I came to a point recently when I reached my personal limit and that is what I would like to talk about today:

When Your Body Says “No”

Those past few weeks were so ridiculously crazy! I was working for my own business, my part-time job and we were trying to get some work done in our house. In the meantime, I tried to study and learn new things I’d like to use for my freelance-clients.

Needless to say, at some point my body just was not coping anymore. Usually, I recognize the signs and slow down. I take a break and relax. This time, I also noticed the signs but I kept going because I really really wanted to. It has not been stress or pressure that was put on me by somebody else but rather the endless to do lists I wrote for myself because I wanted to accomplish all these things. I love what I am doing and that is why I do not consider it as negative stress.

Anyhow, the result of ignoring the signs my body was giving me (headache, sleeplessness, stomach problems etc…), was that I almost threw up in my colleagues car… We were on our way back home from the trade show and I had been sleeping very badly the night before and was really tired. I tried to sleep but the nausea would not let me. It was the most horrible feeling ever and I simply ended up at that point because I was not listening to my own body.

I should have known better and I am sure, I learned something from that because it was really embarrassing to feel sick in your colleagues car… Here are some things I listed for myself to do when my body says “no” the next time instead of ignoring it:

  • Drink a cup of tea and eat a cookie
  • Watch a movie (ideally something light like a Romantic Comedy)
  • Cook a delicious dinner or go out for dinner
  • Read a good book (that has nothing to do with work…)
  • Take a long, hot bath
  • Drink a glass of wine

This list will remind me of what I like doing to relax and will come in handy when my brain is elsewhere working and not able to figure out a way to relax.

What is your strategy to prevent your body from saying “no”?

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2 Kommentare

  1. Whenever I feel like that I take a morning off. Since I don’t work with a strict schedule, I can just take a morning relaxing and go to work a bit later. It’s not much but it really changes my mood and makes me feel refreshed. :)


    • A flexible work schedule is brilliant!!! I would like to see this more often but most of the employers over here do not offer flexible work time which is a shame! I bet people would feel much better and would be much healthier and thus, way more productive!!! Great to hear that at least some people can enjoy this!!! I have the same sort of flexibility as I am only working part-time and the remaining time as a freelancer…


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