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Thursday Thoughts: Boredom? – Never Heard of That

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While I was sitting in a café the other day – busy working on my various blogs and my company website, I overheard this girl talking on the phone to someone. She was telling this person how bored she was and she did not know what to do…

Boredom is a concept I am not at all familiar with! I have simply no idea how this feels as I am always doing something. For me it is more the opposite: I wish the days were longer so that I could get more stuff done. I have so many great ideas which I would like to execute but am lacking time to do all of them! I am very well structured and organized and always trying to improve my productivity but I never manage to do it all…

When I listened to this girl, I just wanted to get up and walk over to her to kick her butt so that she gets up and use her time instead of complaining about how bored she was. There are so many great things out there and life is so short that it is hard to encounter them all. Why waste time with boredom?

Here is what you should do if you ever get bored

  • Sit down and think about what you would like to achieve in your life – it does not matter how big your dreams are!
  • Then start thinking about stuff you need to reach these goals and hot to get it.
  • Make a plan
  • Kick your own butt and start doing it and I promise you, you’ll never get bored again…

Everybody has dreams and wants to achieve something! Now is the time to get started on it! We’ve wasted too much time already (me included) but we now have more resources than ever that help us achieving all of our goals!

What are your dreams and goals?

What are you doing to achieve them?

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