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Thursday Thoughts: Why Diet Products Are Bad

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It has only been a bit more than two weeks since I started my weight losing project. It has not been as hard as I would have imagined it! I am eating fairly normal (apart from just eating generally less than before and having stopped eating junk food…) and I am working out at least once a week. I already lost 2.6kg in these past two and a half weeks and I feel very proud about myself!

Something that usually irritates me and which is part of so many diet forms (also weight watchers is doing this but I am just ignoring it) is eating diet products. Many recipes from my weight watchers cookbooks include some diet products but I am refusing to use them. There are many reasons why:

  • Diet products make you even hungrier in the end
  • They don’t make you happy
  • They do not even taste good
  • I truly believe that they are not healthy

I prefer using full fat products as that is how they are naturally. Instead of using diet products, I am simply eating less of the full fat products but feel so much better about what I am consuming and the way it effects my body.

In my recipe section here on Tea Time Blog you will not find a single one that includes diet products. You are obviously free to use whichever ingredients you use but I am not going to animate you guys to use these products.

What I love doing is finding alternatives instead of using diet products to make my meals healthier and lighter. For example, when I am making a bolognese sauce, I would not use as much meat anymore but use more fresh or tinned tomatoes. The taste is more or less the same and I am enjoying the exact same thing just with a bit less calories. Or instead of using cream, I am switching to yoghurt in some recipes as it has much less calories. A little bit of thinking usually helps me come up with a healthier alternative for each and every recipe.

There even is a much worse diet products category: Junk food diet products. For instance, drinking diet coke! I personally believe that if I am trying to lose weight, I am drinking water or unsweetened teas. If I feel like drinking a coke, I do so but then I am drinking a normal one as it is healthier (if we can even speak of healthy in this matter…) than the diet version.

Sometimes, we all have cravings and that is totally ok! If this happens, let’s say once a week, it is not a massive problem. The worst thing that can happen is that it slows down my weight losing project but as I have planned to do it in six months time anyway, it does not really matter, does it?

What do you think about diet products? Are you using them?

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  1. I also don’t like recipes that use diet products. I hate that many recipes include protein powder as an ingredient, as I don’t believe it is good either. I try not to put as much butter and sometimes I substitute part or all of it with olive oil. One thing I do with my bolognese sauce is to add some carrots or whatever vegetables I may have in my fridge. The end result tastes better to me (it is a bit different every time depending on what I add) and I consider it healthier. In the end, you can find so many tasty and healthy recipes with natural ingredients, that you don’t have to follow any recipe with strange or diet ones. I’ve lost many kilos (way more than you want to lose) cooking like that and exercising often and I believe that if I could do it, anyone can. I still cook like that and it has become more of a lifestyle rather than a diet and I have maintained my target weight for six months now, which I believe is really important in order to consider a diet successful. So keep it up and don’t feel guilty about eating junk food every once in a while or anything you crave and you’ll see long lasting results.


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