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Thursday Thoughts: How to Fight Procrastination in 30 Days

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I have to say sorry to you guys as this is the first post of the week and it is already Thursday… I am working on a major relaunch for my travel blog these days and there is also a lot to do for my customers. I will have more time after the big relaunch which should not take too long anymore…

Coming back to the purpose of today’s post: Fighting Procrastination.

I am sure, we all know this problem and once in a while (or even more often…) get stuck in procrastination and don’t get anything important done because of it!

There have been many times in my life when it was simply easier to just push stuff forward and say I will do that tomorrow/during the weekend/next week… (you get the point…). But did that help? Yes, for the moment it did if it was something I was not really looking forward to be doing. But in the long term, it always always ended in me feeling guilty and unhappy because I have pushed things to the very last minute and when I finally got to do them, I had to do it under a lot of pressure.

You know that feeling? Well, then lets all try to avoid procrastination, should we?

We need to make sure that we develop an inner voice that tells us to get shit done whenever we start procrastinating. You probably think now that you do not have this inner voice and I did not have it but you can train yourself and develop such a voice.

There is a rule that says, we need to do things 30 times on a regular basis in order to learn something and to tight this behavior to our natural self.

What I did to fight procrastination was training myself for 30 days (and there was absolutely no exception: 30 days in a row without a day off). During these 30 days, I watched my own behavior and thoughts thoroughly and every time I noticed some trace of procrastination, I told myself to just do it.

I also made lists every day with the three most important things I should get done during the day. This way, I focused myself on what was really important and did not spend hours doing nothing really.

It was hard in the beginning as there was this constant urge inside myself to push things away but after a while I noticed that I felt happier than ever as I actually got things done on time and without rushing them! Also, the results have been so much better!

I still have to postpone or delay things but that is more a case of not having enough time for everything rather than procrastinating and doing nothing at all.

Is your work suffering from procrastination? What are your ways to fight it?

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  1. Maybe I should try that also! I procrastinate all the time, but not when I have too much to do. When my program is really full and I have lots of things to do, is when I am most productive. When I have 1-2 things to do, I just procrastinate. Weird, right?


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