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Thursday Thoughts – I’m On A Snow Mission

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Thursday and time for my Thursday Thoughts again! Can you believe it is almost mid December already? So much is happening every single day in my life since I started working as a part-time freelancer!

Also, temperatures have dropped incredibly this past week and winter seems to kick in shortly. I have never been a fan of winter! I never liked the cold, the snow or any sort of winter activity! If you would have asked me, we could have skipped winter all together (ok, maybe not during Christmas time…).

Anyhow, I think I need to adapt to winter a bit better as I now live in a region that usually has very cold and snowy winters and as I am planning on staying here now that we have the house and now that we are engaged, I better get used to it.

There were two options:

  1. I could be miserable for 4-6 months of the year complaining about the cold and the winter or
  2. I could try and put myself together and find away to coexist with winter.

Guess what, this winter, I am going to try option 2 as option 1 felt not really healthy the last two winters…

But how do I do that? I sat down and thought about all the things I actually like about winter and made a list so that it will remind me in the future how nice winter can be:

  • When there is snow and the sun is shining, the outside world looks very nice! So much better than the grey and rainy winter we use to have in my hometown or in London…
  • I can take incredible snow and ice pictures
  • It is great to enjoy some hot winter drinks like Glühwein or a hot apple cider or a cinnamon and gingerbread Latte!
  • Since the relaunch of our travel blog, we focus even more on culinary things and hiking. Both is also possible during winter and this winter, we are planning to go on some winter hiking activities.
  • We can build a snowman!!! As we now have a garden, I am soooo going to build one!!! I’ll show you a picture when I’ve done it!
  • There are pretty cute looking clothes and shoes in my wardrobe that I want to wear at some point so I hope that winter will give me a chance to show them to the outside world.
  • There is more time for indoor activities. During summer, when it is nice and beautiful outside, I’d rather spend less time in the house than in winter. This way, I get more work done in winter AND have loads of time to read, puzzle, catch up on TV shows and cook!!!

And here is one more reasons to like winter:

Tea Time Blog Winter Wonderland

Ok, that is my list of how to like winter. What is on your list? Did I miss anything?

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