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Thursday Thoughts: Time To Relax

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Hello and welcome to another edition of my Thursday Thoughts. I recently received a question from one of my readers asking me how I find time to relax during my busy days. I thought that is was the perfect topic for today’s post:

Time To Relax

Especially during those last few months, I have been extremely busy. I have been working part time as an employee, I worked for my freelance business during the afternoons, renovated a whole house with Christian and tried to keep this blog up and running as best as I could. Apart from these major time-consuming parts of my life, there were a million different things to do on a daily basis…

I had days during which this was extremely overwhelming. I just wanted some time for myself and relax as I was extremely exhausted. Even though it was hard, I always found some time. I had to! This time kept me alive and filled my energy up. Here are my most favorite ways to spend my time to relax:

  • Read a book: Even though, I was really tired most of the times, I tried to read a few pages of a book I really really liked every day. The important thing is to pick something you like and know that you will not get distracted from. I bet each of you has a favorite author. Just check if there is a book that you have not read so far or try to find similar books and authors of those you like (you can easily check this using amazon). In case you wanna get inspired by what I am reading, check my book blog which I have not been active on lately but have been for a great amount of time. (If I ever find the time and the energy, I am going to post on there again!!!)
  • Watch a movie or TV-Show: If you are not much of a reader, you can also watch a movie or a TV-Show episode if you only have a few minutes. We usually watch an episode of one of the shows we like right before going to bed. It makes us sleepy and lets our thoughts move away from all the stress around us. (Right now, we are totally into 2 Broke Girls)
  • Enjoy a nice drink: No matter if you like a glass of wine, a non-alcoholic fruity cocktail or a hot beverage, having your favorite drink at the end of the day can be extremely relaxing! I usually have  a cup of tea or a glass of wine while sitting in my reading chair in the evening.
  • Take a long bath or shower: Hot water can be very relaxing! Sometimes, when I feel really terrible after a long day, I am taking a long and hot shower. I use my favorite shower creams that make the bathroom air smell beautifully and I stand under the shower just a bit longer than I usually would – this works wonders for me!!!
  • Cook a delicious meal or treat yourself to a restaurant visit: No matter if you are into cooking yourself or prefer having your meal cooked for yourself, a great dinner is something we all like! Regardless, which option you go for, make sure that you take your time and really enjoy your food! Christian and me use this time of the day to talk about whatever we feel like talking about. Having one meal together sitting at a table without distractions is mandatory for us and something we look forward to every day.
  • Make travel plans: I always have my next travel destination in mind and I am always making plans for my next trip! I love spending time in the evening reading travel guides, travel blogs and magazines or watch a movie about my next destination. This makes me relax and dream about what I am going to do during my next trip!
  • Puzzle: This is a serious recommendation and definitely not a joke! While I was studying for my bachelor degree, I used to puzzle A LOT! I had one of these puzzle mats that you can do your puzzle on and that you can roll together if you need the table space for something else. It just takes your mind of everything else! I also like listening to audio books while I am puzzling to keep the amount of distraction to a minimum!

Taking time to relax has become very important to me recently and should be to every single one of us. I used to run around constantly being busy on whatever I had to do and still my to do list was not shorter than it is now that I am taking some time off for myself. Why is that you wonder? Well, through the time I take to relax, I get recharged on my energy and this way, I am way more productive when I work. I also truly believe that having time to relax, gives us all a much healthier lifestyle.

Is there anything I forgot? Do you have any more relaxing tips? Please feel free to share them in the comments section below! I always like to read from you guys!

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  1. Cooking and cleaning/organizing are definitely the healthiest ways I organize, but I love a big glass of wine at the end of the day too. We’ve been taking the pup on nightly walks and that really helps us put down our phones and talk to each other without distractions.


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