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Time to Take Dreams Into Action

I have been talking about my freelance work a lot this past half a year. Ever since I started my part-time job and focused more on my freelance work, I have been planning, have been thinking and also, I have been dreaming! An email from Kabbage finally made me come out of my comfort zone and actually do something to take dreams into action.

Tea Time Blog - Taking Dreams into Action

Starting with a Business Plan

What Madie did to make me move? She asked me some questions about what my goals were, how I think I was going to fulfill my dreams and what I’d like to do in the future. Starting from these questions, I tried to develop my own business plan, set goals and tried to figure out what I want to do in the future, now that our house does not need that much work from my side anymore.

In order to write down your own business plan, you should first know what the content of your business plan should be. Here is what you need to focus on:

  • Your overall reason for starting your own business
  • Your mission – how are you going to reach your goals, what is the product or service you are offering?
  • Your goals – what do you want to achieve and when do you want to achieve it?
  • Your way  – how are you going to reach your goals? Don’t forget to set milestones as it helps you to focus on little steps and keeps you going on the way to reach your overall goal. Also, you need to write down for yourself what you need to learn in order to fulfill your dreams
  • Your finances – how are you financing all your dreams and goals?

My reason to start my own business

I have been working in full time jobs for a while now and also as a freelancer in a part time position. This gives me a great idea about the pros and cons of both sides and I have to say that working in my freelance position was always much more fun even though it can be challenging once in a while. But it is also very exciting and when you achieve something for yourself, you feel so much better than achieving something for somebody else! It gives you this amazing kick of motivation and lets you go out for more.

This is one thing but the most important reason for me to start my own business is the flexibility that it gives me. With our wedding coming up next year, we are making more and more future plans to start our own little family. We have not planned when exactly we want to have kids but I want to be prepared for that moment. I want to be able to work from home so that I can also take care of our children and give them a loving home.

My mission – which products or services am I offering?

With my marketing and tourism background, my love for photography, picture editing and the online world as well as my expertise in social media, I started a business focusing on everything that involves communication in the tourism industry. A business is able to communicate in so many different ways. It can communicate with single words, small texts in a social media postings, longer articles on their website or business blog or through pictures and videos. With all that I want to help businesses reach more attention from their prospect clients. For the moment, I’d like to focus on the tourism industry as I have the most experience in this area of business and feel more confident about this industry than any other industry out there. The fact that I speak English and German fluently and am studying Spanish as well gives me a great advantage in the tourism industry I’d say.

I am planning to help businesses map out their marketing strategy, help them execute and evaluate it in the end. There are so many opportunities I’d love to work out for small and medium sized companies. A future step also involves web design and blog creation as I am extremely interested in this subject but need more qualifications and experience to offer this service.

My Goals – What do I want to achieve and when?

I have set four goals to reach for myself in the following 6 months:

  • By the end of September, I would like to have a detailed catalogue of all the services I’d like to offer and the prices for which I want to sell these services
  • By the mid of October, I’d like to have my website up and running in both German and English
  • By the end of November, I want to have a second client (I have my first one already since 2009 but am really looking into acquiring more in the next few months)
  • By the end of January, I’d like to publish a regular monthly newsletter about social media marketing and marketing in general to attract more customers

My Way – Setting Milestones and  Further Training to Reach my Goals

Setting milestones seemed to be very important for me as it usually keeps me motivated if I can cross off stuff from my list of tasks. Having accomplished one small step feels very good and the goal does not seem too far away this way.

In certain areas, I also need more training such as the web design and photography parts in order to offer professional services to professional clients. Trying to have some smaller contracts for the social media and marketing business should help me finance the training parts in the other areas.

In order to reach my goals, I also have to overcome my biggest weakness which is going out there and offering my services in person. I’ve always felt a bit shy when it came to promoting myself but that is something I have been training on over the past months. In several occasions, I’ve forced myself to jump over my shadow and tried to overcome my shyness.

My Finances

Right now, I am fine with what I earn with my part time job and my one freelance client. I can live from the money but travels are suffering tremendously and I also need to save money for the wedding next year and our future children. Thus, one to two more clients would just do the job and I would be perfectly fine! In order to start my business, I do not need a massive amount of money as I can do my job with a computer and an internet connection. But I also have to invest into my website, some advertising and my own development. Thus, I am sure that I am going to stay in my part time position for a while longer to have at least part of my income guaranteed!

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? What is holding you back and what keeps you motivated? I look forward to exchange experiences with you.

This post contains a non-affiliate link to the Kabbage website but you can be sure that I only stated my personal opinions and visions in this post. Parts of this post have been inspired by a german article on the Um 180 Grad Blog.

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