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Top 10 Things to do in Notting Hill

Good evening everybody! I am in travel spirit and wanted to share some travel tips with you today!

Who doesn‘t know the movie Notting Hill? Ever since the movie came out, Notting Hill turned out to be one of the most popular parts of London. In my opinion, it even is one of the most beautiful parts and is a definite must have for every London trip itinerary!

Here is my personal top 10 list of things you shouldn‘t miss when in Notting Hill:

Portobello Road Market

This market offers everything from antiques, over fabrics, jewlery and photoprints. When going for a walk at Portobello Road Market there certainly is something for everyone! All photo addicts will be happy to hear that the market also offers incredible motives for interesting and creative shots. Also, the fresh bread, fruits and vegetables make the market a culinary highlight you shouldn‘t miss!

Portobello Road Market

The Travel Book Shop

In a side road of Portobello Road, you can find the famous Travel Book Shop which actually looks almost as the book shop in Notting Hill and you kind of expect to be welcomed by Hugh Grant when entering the shop. Totally worth a look if you love traveling!

Notting Hill - Travel Bookstore

Spices Shop

Right next to the Travel Book Shop you find a tiny shop that sells spices from all over the world which is managed by a German. If you are feeling risky today, try one of the spices that is so spicy that it can actually kill you if you consume too much of it!

Cookbook Shop

Opposite the Travel Book Shop there is another little shop which is specialised on cookbooks. Attention! Browsing through the books makes you extremely hungry!!!

Spanish Café

Don‘t worry, you can do something against starving! Back in Portobello Road there is a nice little spanish café that serves authentic spanish food – guaranteed 100% spanish (my spanish friend tested it).

Spanish Shop

If you still can‘t get enough of spanish food, have a walk around the spanish shop right next to the café where real spanish products are being sold for you to take home! If you love Spanish food this will be like heaven on earth in the middle of London!

Hummingbird Bakery

Also in Portobello Road: the famous Hummingbird Bakery that serves London‘s best cupcakes!!!


If you have enough of food, here is something else you can do: Walk around the streets of Notting Hill! Who hasn‘t wondered yet if the house with the blue door Hugh Grant lives in really exists? I asked myself the same question and started my discovery tour! Unfortunately, I did not find the blue door but instead I looked at extremely beautiful houses. If somebody would give me enough money, I would directly move into these houses! I totally love the colourful walls as well as the architectural style. The whole area seems really friendly and welcoming!

Houses in Notting Hill

Little Parks

Next to the cute little houses you can also find tiny parks which you are not allowed to enter but it is totally worth to have a look through the gates anyhow because they are so beautiful!

Little Book Shop

Finally, another book tip: On Holland Park Avenue there is another little book shop that sells books in shelves up until the ceiling. This book shop makes a big difference compared to all the bookshop chains you usually find in Central London!

I wish you all a fantastic stay in Notting Hill if you go to London next time! What are your highlights of this part of London?

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  1. I’ve never been to London, but Notting Hill is a place I definitely want to visit. Traveling suggestions are always welcome!


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