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Touch Rugby

Part of my overall fitness plan is to play touch rugby in a team with colleagues from work. We had our first training last Monday and before that I was totally scared that I would get hurt anyhow because I had no clue what the game was all about and just assumed that it was as aggressive as normal rugby. Thank god it isn’t.

On the way to the first training, me and my colleague decided to check Wikipedia and see what this mysterious game was all about. Here is what we found:

“Touch rugby, Refers to games derived from rugby football in which players do not tackle in the traditional, highly physical way, but instead touch their opponents using their hands on any part of the body, clothing, or the ball.”

“ANY part of the body” – Really? We were shocked and even more scared about what we were going to put our selves into. In the end it turned out to be fun. It was not at all aggressive and usually you touch people on their shoulders or their arms. Of course, it can happen that people accidentally touch you somewhere else during the speed of the game but that is not intentionally or at least it shouldn’t be…

After our first training I was more scared of not understanding and/or remembering all the different rules. The game is really complex and there are things that just do not work with my own body coordination. For example, as a defending team you always have to run backwards which is a bit weird. Also, when you are in the attacking team, you can only throw the ball backwards and never to the front. When somebody touches you, you have to drop the ball immediately at the same place where the person touched you. That means that you have to go back to this place first of all.

During our first game, I was kind of confused about which direction I have to run or throw the ball. Most of the times, I did not even catch the ball and was just running into the wrong direction like a complete weirdo! But once I managed to catch the ball and everybody was screaming at me “Run! Run! Run!”… so I ran… but unfortunately my upper part of the body was much quicker than my feet so I fell over and since it was raining that day, the grass was extremely slippery and in the end I was sliding through the mud and hurt my shoulder on something that was lying in the grass…

Conclusion: We lost 13:0, I got my first bruise on my shoulder, I was running around on the grass for 40 minutes, totally confused about what I was doing but I had heaps of fun and can’t wait to play again! Obviously, since we were that bad, we will only play in the social league but that is fine because we are all not taking it really seriously…

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