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Traffic Jam Survival Guide

Hello lovelies!!! Did all of you have a great start into the new day? My start has not been that great unfortunately… I woke up really really tired with an extreme lack of sleep (have been to a birthday party for far too long yesterday night…) Then, I went to the petrol station just to find out that the litre Diesel now costs 1.51€ (!!!!!) here in Germany… And to top all of that, our nice traffic minister decided to install even more road construction which makes my way to and from work even longer… :-(

But well, except of the too long party night, I have no influence on all these things so I will just have to learn to accept them. Same happened yesterday. Remember that I told you I was in a traffic jam yesterday evening when I was writing my last post? Well, it was a total disaster because three cars crashed into each other (and no it was not because of the non existing speed limit in Germany since there actually was a speed limit of 100km/h on that road). This crash caused a total closure of the road and because of that I was stuck there for almost an hour…

Anyhow, since I am an experienced motorway driver (:-)) I am always well prepared for situations like that. Here are some tips to consider before starting a long distance drive and how to cope with a traffic jam or street closures:

1) Always pack some food and drinks! There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic and starving at the same time!!!

2) Always take some entertainment with you. In my case it would be a book! I am ALWAYS carrying a book with me! People may find that strange but yesterday, I was not too pissed off the traffic jam because I had my book with me!

Traffic Jam Survival Guide

3) In winter, also consider taking hot drinks and a blanket because you might get snowed in and you don’t want to end up freezing!

4) Always have a CD or an audio book with you to have something to listen to while waiting for a traffic jam to stop. I know, there is the radio but after a while news and music repeat itself and can become annoying!

5) And finally, try to accept that there can be car accidents or other reasons why a road may be blocked. Don’t blame yourself for picking the “wrong” way. This can happen everywhere and you will just have to stick it out! If you are prepared well, you won’t get bored and you can actually make the most out of your time!

What are you doing when you are stuck in traffic? Do you have any other tips to share? Please feel free to leave a comment!

2 Kommentare

  1. Rising fuel costs are a headache the world over! Mumbai is a perpetual traffic jam, so I always carry something to snack on and water!


    • Oh dear! Driving in Mumbai probably is an even more extrem experience than driving on German motorways… Any other tips to get through it smoothly???


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