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Traveling Kos on Instagram

Hello everybody! How was your day yesterday? Mine has been great as we finally received the first furniture delivery: the chairs for our dining area (more about this later on as soon as it is ready). Also, I had a great and funny day at work and I am looking forward to the weekend as it is wedding time again and I am going to see all of my closest friends there!

Today, I was checking out my Instagram pictures that I took during our Kos holiday and tried to create a collage of the best shots:

Kos Instagram Collage

How do you like it? It has been such an amazing holiday and I love going back to Kos in my thoughts while looking at all our pictures!!!! If you have the chance to go, please go!!! It is soooooo relaxing and you will feel like a new person when you get back!

The island is tiny but the perfect place for a 5 day getaway!!! Soon, we will be starting the planning of our US trip which is about to start in less than a month… just waiting for the travel guide to arrive so that we can get going!!! I can’t wait for this trip! I love going to the US! It is so much fun! I love the space they have over there and look forward to seeing all the great cities I’ve always wanted to visit!!! Will share more about our plans later on as soon as we actually made plans…

Have a fantastic new day!!!

PS: A HUGE Thank you to all of my 100 blog followers as well as 50 Twitter followers for keeping up with my writings!!! It is a pleasure to write for you and I feel honored that you decided to follow my blog and like to read what I have to say!!!

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