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Tree Project #10 – Focusing on the Foreground

We are finally back from Berlin and have time for other things than work again! So much happened this past week that I am so happy about! My best friend got engaged during a surprise trip to Rome her boyfriend and me have been secretly planning! I am so so happy for her and could not feel more honored that she picked me as her maid of honour! She got the most beautiful ring in the world from him and he proposed in a beautiful orange garden overlooking Rome!!!

Also, one of my former work colleagues is pregnant and she told us last weekend during the trade show! Needless to say that we were all really excited about these fantastic news!

We also had an amazing time in Berlin and got back home Monday night. The weather is treating us nicely with temperatures above 20°C, clear blue sky and loads of sun! I really couldn’t ask for more.

On Tuesday, I went out straight away to finally shoot my tree for my Tree Project as I have been missing it so much over the weekend when I usually would have taken the picture. This time, I was focussing on the foreground and putting the tree in the back:

Tree Project #10 - Foreground


All around us, we can see the first signs of spring!!! Soon this tree will be green and I very much look forward to taking a picture of it then!!!

I wish you all a great week and I promise, I am back full time now! :-)

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