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Tree Project #14 and 3 Months Wrap-Up

I have been doing my tree project for more than three months now… Time to wrap up my work so far, don’t you think? So before showing you a brand new picture I took yesterday, I’d like to present to you all of the tree pictures I have been taking during the last three months…

Tree Project Wrap Up January - March 2014

Considering that most of these pictures were taken in winter, there are not a lot with snow on it. This collection also represents the mild winter we had.

But still, I am very happy about the result. I have been taking pictures in different kinds of atmospheres. I tried to change the time I was taking the picture and tried to focus on something different each week.

Winter is finally over now and this means some new results will await us as the tree starts to blossom and will hopefully be green by the beginning of summer. Yesterday, the weather was a mixture of grey clouds and sun and the atmosphere was not as magical as it used to be on other day. But anyhow, here is the latest addition to my collage:

Tree Project #14

What I can notice from this picture compared to last week’s picture is that the grass in the foreground is a lot greener which I like a lot!

What do you think of my work so far? Please critique me in the comments section below! I am happy about every tip!

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