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Tree Project #17

Last week, I missed out on my Tree Project Post… Shame on me!!! Right now, our life is crazy. I go to work in the mornings, spend the afternoons at the house doing renovation work and during the evening I need to sort out the rest of our life. How on earth did I manage my life with a full-time job before???

Anyhow, back to my Tree Project: Yesterday in the morning, I was very productive and woke up quite early so that I had time to stop by my tree for a quick early morning shooting right before work:

Tree Project #17

I love early mornings when the sun is out and the sky is clear. The air and everything around us feels so clean and fresh during these early spring and summer mornings, don’t you think?

It was great to go there in the morning and take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Also, compared to my last Tree Project Post, the tree is so much greener this time!!! I like it so much more now than during the winter months…

I wish you all a fantastic day!!!

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