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Tree Project #19

I have been gone for a few days over the weekend as I was extremely exhausted. We have been working on the new house constantly and on top of that we had visitors. They helped us a lot and I did not want to spend my time blogging while they were around. It was so nice to see them again.

But on Sunday, I managed to get my camera out and take my weekly Tree Project picture:

Tree Project #19

Last week, the tree was already completely green but this weekend, we had the blue sky on top! Weather has been fantastic with loads of sunshine and warm temperatures! That is something that cheers me up a lot in the mornings when I am so tired that I’d rather spend the rest of the day in bed…

Renovating a house is very exhausting and I can’t wait for the moment when we are done! There are still 10 weeks to go until moving time so A LOT of work ahead of us! As I missed the New Home update this weekend, I will do it during the week. I feel a lot better and more relaxed now…

Have a fabulous rest of the day!!!

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