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Tree Project #2 – Improving My Photography Skills

When we went out to shoot my first outfit pictures last weekend, I also took another picture of my tree. Remember the tree project I was talking about last week? As mentioned yesterday, the light was fantastic last Sunday and I am really proud of the outcome of the tree picture:

Tree Project #2

I am still curious about how this tree is going to look like in a few weeks! We had some snow yesterday. Maybe there is more until the weekend so the next shot might actually be totally different from this one!

I love this year project and can’t wait to present a full report of all the pictures I will take during the year!

On other positive notes, I managed to post every single day of this year already which really makes me proud as it was part of my new year’s resolutions to blog more! I hope you like my posts and pictures. If there is anything you want me to blog or write more about, just leave a comment below!

2 Kommentare

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