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Tree Project #23 – An Island of Calmness

This week is going to be mental in terms of things to do! First of all, there are three birthdays to celebrate (one of them is the 60ies birthday of Christian’s mum which is going to be BIG!!!). There is also a lot of work to do at the house and many things to organize… On top of that it is the world cup and there are two games of the German team to watch this week, starting with the first one agains Portugal tonight…

But no matter how stressful the week is going to be, there is always one thing there that calms me down and which does not let itself be disturbefrom its peace and that is my tree from my Tree Project:

Tea Time Blog - Tree Project #23

Just going there and watching its branches and leaves swing in the wind calms me down completely! I love taking a few minutes to watch it and take a deep breath before I continue whatever I have to do at that moment.

I wish you all a fantastic start into the new week!!!

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