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Tuesday Tea: Fitness Update May 2014

“The longest journey begins with a small step taken by a brave person”

Well, another month has passed and I still exactly the same size and weight as when I started my Fitness and Health Project in January… Shame on me as I am just not able to cut down on food and also way too lazy for sports…

Last week, I had a melt down because none of my jeans fit anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I fit into them but it hurt so so much that I am always urging to take them off. If you are at a point when you have to decide to either loose weight or buy a complete new wardrobe, you make changes to your life.

I am not able to do the Metamorphosis program right now as working on the house is too exhausting. I will start it again as soon as we have moved.

Weight Watchers

Tea Time Blog - Fitness Update May 2014 (3)

Last year, we have been doing Weight Watchers when I was at exactly the same point. It seems to be the only sort of diet that is working for me and that is why I decided to start it again. I have been doing it for one week now and I already see some results.

With Weight Watchers I am simply able to stop myself. The online version of the program involves an app for my phone with which I can always look up points when I am in the supermarket and feel that I want to buy some crap food.

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Instead of the crap food, I am buying a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables as they all have 0 points which is awesome as it means that I can eat as much of it as I want without having to feel guilty. Right now, I love fresh strawberries as a snack. It is strawberry time in Germany right now and the strawberries you can buy here at the moment are sooooo delish!!!!

Weight Watchers allows me to eat whatever I like and I am able to still cook my own recipes once in a while. This way, I am not missing out on anything and loose weight the same time – PERFECT!

Some Activity

Tea Time Blog - Fitness Update May 2014

Instead of not doing anything in terms of sports, I started a new, and much easier, workout last week: I am using the 10K Runner App for the iPhone. It promises to make you fit for a 10K run in 14 weeks with exercising 3 times a week… It really starts on an absolut beginner’s level. In intervals you switch between running and walking. Within 30 minutes I ran 8 minutes in total and the remaining 22 minutes, I was just walking. It feels great to start on this level as even I can do that!!!

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Since I started the app last Sunday, I have been running five times and I am soooo proud of myself. Before, I always ran in the evenings as I did not have enough time to run in the mornings due to my job. Now that I only have to drive 10 minutes to go to work, I have enough time in the mornings to exercise. The air is just so much cleaner and fresher in the morning – perfect to get started for the day!

Due to my morning activities, I receive 2 extra points each day I am exercising which lets me indulge even more yummy food and I do not have to feel bad about myself.


Everybody needs motivation for certain things. I am not the most active person in the world and rather lazy when it comes to sports but I am giving my very best. My primary motivation right now is wanting to fit into my clothes again but I am trying to motivate me even more. That is why I decided to put 2€ into a box every day I exercise. This way, when I finally fit into my normal size again, I will have saved some money so that I can go shopping and treat me with some nice clothes.

My way does not result in a quick weight loss but it makes me feel happy and good about myself. I hope that I will be able to continue this way until I fit my clothes again.

What is your way of maintaining or loosing weight?

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Tuesday Tea

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  1. It took me a year of exercise and healthy eating (not dieting) to start losing weight, but then I guess my metabolism changed and it all happened very fast. Also, the more you run, the more you’ll like it. Just don’t push yourself too hard and be persistent! :) I think you’re doing a great job! Keep it up!


    • Thanks for your kind words Joanna. You are absolutely right! I have no pressure and just want to loose a few kilos and get in better shape as well as be a bit healthier… The 10K Runner App is perfect as it really starts from the absolut beginning! :-)


  2. When I want to shed some pounds, I use the my fitness pal app. It’s free and you can track your caloric intake as well as how many calories you burn through exercise. Good luck on your journey and remember– your worth is not in your weight; you are beautiful no matter your size! xo


    • Thank you so much Heather! Your guys support is awesome and makes me feel really good!!! :-) The hardest part is keeping myself away from massive amounts of sweets such as chocolate and ice cream… I will have some once in a while but not as much as I had before…


    • Hi Fiona, I am very happy to hear that others were successful with Weight Watchers, too! I think it is a very good system and I really like their recipe books! I love gaining extra points for exercising and I am even prouder to spend them on food I love! :-) Feels a bit like the first time I earned money for myself… Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by!


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