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Tuesday Tea: Mood Board for my Office / Library

Tuesday is Tea Time and I really enjoy spending some time browsing through the internet looking out for some inspiration for our new home. Today, I have been looking for things I would like to have in my office / library room that I am going to have soon:

Mood Board Office and Library

1. IKEA | 2. Möbel Modern | 3. IKEA | 4. IKEA | 5. Blue Sun Tree | 6. OTTO

I really love white furniture and look forward to filling all these shelves with all my books that are currently stored at my parents house… Also, I need a little bit more working space and storage space around my work desk. Right now, I have a great desk but it does not have enough room to store stuff.

The tulip chair, I already have and if you are ever looking for a nice chair for your workspace, I highly recommend this one! I sit on it most of the time when I am working at home and have always felt comfortable!

I also already have the same lamp in a smaller version for my desk so having the bigger one as well next to my armchair would be the perfect reading light!

Then plan on how to set up everything is already fixed in my brain but Christian also made a plan for me so that I can see if everything fits the way I imagine it right now:

High Five For Friday: In Love with my future library/office

I can’t wait to show you the room when it is done! It will be my little oasis where I can relax, work and be creative!

Do you have a room for yourself? How does it look like?

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Tuesday Tea

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    • Thanks! IKEA is simply the best place to go for furniture!!! I love my desk lamp too and can totally imagine having the bigger lamp in the same room! Together with the armchair, this makes an very cozy part of the room!!! Also looking for a cozy white blanket for the chair to use during the cold months of the year…


    • oh no!!! I hate going to IKEA when things are sold out… that is just not fair!!! I have only seen it online yet… did you ever sit on it? Is it comfortable?


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