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New TV Shows 2011/2012 – Review so far

As you probably already know, I am a TV Show addict and thus, I just had to start watching some of the new TV Shows that started this fall. I have not been able to try all of them but here is a little recap of the ones I started watching and how I like them:

New Girl

New Girl is another of these 20-25 minute long comedy TV Shows. This one started promising. It is about a girl who finds her boyfriend cheating on her in their shared apartment. Since she obviously cannot stay with him anymore, she needs to find a new place quickly. That is why she ends up in a shared flat with 3 guys who are all somehow crazy in their own weird ways. Jess the New Girl is not particularly beautiful and a bit clumsy. She ends up in weird and funny situations all the time with her new flatmates. So far, I have watched 5 episodes of this show and am still not 100% sure if I really like it. It is funny in a way but it does not get me hooked. It has potential but I am not convinced that it will continue running after the first season if it stays like this.


I started watching this show on a weekend when I was sick and it was perfect for a day in bed!!! It made me addicted after the first 10 minutes. Revenge is about a girl who moves into the Hamptons to seek revenge for her father who was put in jail for a crime he did not commit. It is about rich people who live in giant mansions in the Hamptons and every episode reveals another secret about one of the characters. Unfortunately, due to the set up of the story, this show is most likely over after one season as well but if it continued as it started, I am sure it will be a huge success! I already love it!


Ringer is a new TV Show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. She plays the role of two sisters who are both involved in different crimes which seem to be somehow connected. The story is about two twin sisters called Bridget and Siobhan. Siobhan is a rich woman who lives in New York City with a perfect life – so it seems. Bridget on the other hand is a drug addict who is supposed to be the chief witness in a murder trial but she does not want to testify and thus, she runs of to seek help from her sister. When the two meet, they end up on a boat on a lake and Siobhan pretends to kill herself. Bridget, thinking that her sister is dead, takes over her identity to hide from the police who is searching for her. She thinks she is save until she realises that her sister has been involved in some sort of crime herself. Meanwhile, Siobhan is playing her own little game.

I really like the story and the show got me hooked but it is not as addictive as Revenge I have to say.

Friends with Benefits

This show is about two supposedly “best friends” who have sex once in a while while still searching for a new partner. I watched the first 3 episodes and was rather disappointed. I do not really like the actors or the story. The stories of the episodes I watched felt not really thought through and the jokes weren‘t really funny. Please let me know if it gets better since I do not want to miss out but I am probably not going to continue watching it for now.

Pan Am

I did not know at all what to expect from this new TV Show which is all about the Pan American Airline crew in the 60ies but I could not stop watching it from the minute I started. I love the different characters of the story, I love the actors and I love the whole setting in the 60ies. It is totally different from what I have seen before and that makes it so special. Every character has his or her own little story and the set up of the show makes it possible to continue for more than one season which is fantastic if the quality stays the same!

If I had to pick the best ones from all the shows I started watching, I would definitely pick Revenge and Pan Am. There are some more new TV Shows out there that I have not started watching because I am too busy watching these new ones on top of all the existing ones such as The Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl, Modern Family, Glee, etc…

Happy belated New Season everyone! :-)

PS: If there are any brilliant TV Shows out there I am not already watching but you think I should, please leave a comment so that I can start! :-) Also leave a comment to let me know what you think about the above mentioned shows! Always interesting to see some other opinions!!!

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