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Two Years Anniversary

As I mentioned yesterday, during my High Five For Friday Post, my boyfriend and me just celebrated our 2 years anniversary last Thursday. As it is the day right before Valentine’s Day, we decided last year that we are each going to cook a yummy dinner for the other and as we are both addicted to cooking and good food, it becomes a challenge every year to make THE perfect dinner.

So this year, I was in charge for the anniversary dinner and I put a lot of effort into it! I worked like a busy bee all day as I wanted everything to be fresh and yummy. I also tried to figure out a beautiful table decoration so that the food I was making was presented in a lovely way:

Two Years Anniversary

Two Years Anniversary

For my menu, I made a long list of things I wanted to make and finally decided on the following courses:

Two Years AnniversaryI picked a Cranberry-Martini as an aperitif. I liked the color which worked perfectly with my table decoration and the taste of it was absolutely yummy! I found the recipe for this here.

Two Years AnniversaryAs a starter, I chose Bread with goats cheese, bacon, rosemary and honey. The recipe comes from here (unfortunately, it is not available in English but it is simply adding all the ingredients as you can see them on the picture). The combination of sweet and savory tastes is amazing! I can imagine us having this more often from now on as it is really simple but very delicious!

Two Years AnniversaryFor my main course, I did something that I am always missing in Italian restaurants: Italian Tapas. Every time I go to an Italian restaurant, I can not decide wether to go for a salad, pasta or pizza. I always wish I could have a little bit of everything. For this dinner, I created my own Italian heaven. I made the pasta from scratch (which is much easier than I thought and I will definitely do it again!!!), the pizza dough was done in a few minutes with the help of my kitchenaid and the for the salad I mixed up a lot of different vegetables with some home-made balsamic-mustard dressing and nuts. YUM!!!

Two Years AnniversaryFor desert, I made Apple-caramel pies that were heart-shaped. The recipe can be found here. The perfect sweetness of this desert cannot be described with words! You have to taste it for yourself but it is like heaven on earth and just the perfect amount to make you completely satisfied!!!

By the way, I am always saving recipe pictures to my Food & Beverages Pinterest board for future reference and inspiration. 

I cannot say how happy and grateful I am for having such a great guy in my life! He makes me happy every single day and I hope that there will be many more years to come…

I wish you all a great weekend and loads of love!!! xoxo

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    • Thanks so much Marie-Pier for these kind words… I am planning a post about his dinner this week, too! It was the best ever!!!!


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